..and build a speaking strategy that will consistently bring you high paying clients

with Jason Reid's Master Your Power Story™ Program

Make $20K or more in new business after your very first talk!

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The Ultimate Program To Get You More Clients

Taught by an award-winning television writer, professional speaker and speak-to-sell expert.

This is the ultimate comprehensive program for anyone who wants to learn how to speak to sell themselves – and do it authentically. 

You’ll learn how to identify the right speaking opportunities and how to market yourself to get those opportunities. 

You’ll also learn how to put together an effective call-to-action and of course, create great talks that sell. It’s the program that keeps on giving. 

Why is this program so effective? 

I combine easy-to-follow teaching modules with valuable one-on-one feedback and editing so that you not only learn to create great talks – you have a highly trained professional making sure they are done right.

 It’s the best of learning, consulting and coaching – and you’ll be doing it with a trainer who has been recognized as one of the best story editors in the world, and has converted lucrative clients from stages across North America. There’s simply no program out there that comes close to this one in terms of value. 

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Your key messaging and signature story 

Identify your ideal speaking opportunities and write your marketing copy. 

Write your 5-minute and 20 minute (or longer) Signature Talk.

Create an irresistible call to action and follow-up strategies.


Learn how to perform your talk with maximum confidence


Specialized training to suit your specific needs

What You Get


Six private 45-minute consulting sessions with Jason to work on your talks, your marketing and your speaking strategy - done via phone or SKYPE. (value $4,200) 


Behind the scenes call preparation and script analysis. (value $3000)  


Option to trade two phone sessions for one 90 minute in-person performance feedback session (Toronto Area).


A 100 + page workbook and extra handouts (value $350)


Email support

(value $600)


2 Bonus audios – on performing and confidence.


Seven teaching modules (audios/transcripts) (value $3,000) 

Total value = more than $10,950.00 

Yours for only $3,700.00* (Canadian) if you pay in full.  

(Approximately $2,800 U.S.)

Payment plans also available.

*plus any applicable taxes


Jason showed us how to create a more effective talk that really engaged our audience and increased response to our call to action. 

It made a huge difference! In our first talk we had 50% more conversions than normal.

Alpha Blackburn 

Distill Design

Jason is a genius. He understands sales, marketing and people. I can’t imagine how I would have succeeded in my business without all I’ve learned from Jason. It’s invaluable.

Barb Geisel

You need to capture your message PERFECTLY, so you can charge what you are worth! Jason structures your mountain of ideas, concepts and thoughts into a POWERFUL talk that OTHER people will understand. For me It’s priceless!

Jenna Smith

Jenna Smith Coaching

Jason is a MASTER STORYTELLER and can help you craft a message that will engage your ideal clients. He helped me create a signature talk that is so powerful and authentic I can deliver it with TOTAL CONFIDENCE.

Dr. Cynthia Howard,

Focus and Performance Coach

Working with Jason isn't just about creating a great message and amazing talk. It's also about deep business development. He helps you understand exactly who you are, who you serve and how. His ability to listen to you and extract the things you need is invaluable.

Christine McGlade

Analytical Engine

I have the pleasure of working with Jason on developing an important presentations to an audience I needed to impress. He came through for me. Jason’s ability to really listen to what I wanted the audience to hear really helped my presentation flow.

Akeela Davis

Courageous Business Culture

Jason Reid helps entrepreneurs get more clients by showing them how to speak about their business in a powerful way.

A featured speaker at some of the biggest entrepreneur conferences in North America, Jason attracts lucrative clients through the stories he shares on stage.

A speak-to-sell expert and master storyteller with 30+ years of experience, Jason works with self-employed professionals and entrepreneurs as well as sales teams. 

Before starting his own business, Jason was a comedy writer, broadcast journalist and TV executive - winning national and international awards for story-editing in television. 

Over the years, he has trained and mentored many Canadian TV personalities, speakers and entrepreneurs. 

Through his private coaching, workshops, and elite group programs, Jason helps entrepreneurs create a power talk and sales message that can wow any audience and convert them into paying customers.

Looking to get more clients more quickly? Jason Reid can show you how to use the spoken word to create signature messaging and presentations that sell.

About Jason

Proud member of The Canadian Association of Professional Speakers

Winner of the Radio & Television News Director's Award for producing and script editing

2x New York Festivals World Medal Winner for television news producing and script editing,

Proud Member of the Global Speakers Federation

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